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              华夏消防工程有限公司 → 致辞

        暨此之际  我荣幸地代表公司全体员工向多年来信任、关心和支持我们的各界朋友表示衷心的感谢。
        华夏消防工程业务进入国内建筑市场已走过二十多年的历程,伴随着我国经济建设和改革开放的不断深化,我们的事业也得以飞速发展。如果说在我们二十多年的发展道路上取得了阶段性的成功,那是因为我们始终坚持 “客户第一”及 “以人为本”的宗旨和原则;毓斯,展望未来,我们将以二十年后的今天为一个新的起点,充分利用市场机遇,努力开拓,规范经营,进一步完善经营管理,与各界朋友密切合作,携手共进,以一流的技术,一流的质量,一流的服务铸造一流的品牌。

        It is my great honor to have this Opportunity to represent our employees to give my best regards to colleagues and friends from home and abroad.
        China Fire Protection Engineering Co Ltd has entered the firefighting market for 20 years following the advance of the nation's economic reform and open. Our career has obtained great development. As we obtained stage success on our development of the decade, it is because we insist 'CUSTOMER FIRST" outward and "PEOPLE CENTER" inside and regard it as our aim and principle. Outlook future, we will take today as a new point of departure, making the market opportunity, working hard20  expand norm and perfect management cooperate our friends to cast top grade brand with top-grade technique, top-grade quality top-grade service.
        This brochure will display to you our achievements and future development of engineering projects.  Let us hold hands to create fine future together.


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        联系电话:010-88934478 88934383 传真:88934481 邮件:hxgc119@sina.com

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